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2023 new disney bluetooth  bone conduction clip ear earphones
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True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Disney D13 wireless noise cancelling over-ear headphones

You'll love them: The Disney earphones have a fun and playful design, which can be used as a headphone to listen to music, play games, or just for everyday use. Noise reduction: The earphones are designed with noise reduction function, which can block out unwanted noise and improve your quality of life. Lightweight and flexible: The earphone is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to carry around when you are on the go.

Disney D13 wireless noise cancelling over-ear headphones

Disney D13 wireless noise cancelling over-ear headphones

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Disney Bluetooth HIFI Stereo Speakers

Disney K68 Bluetooth Speaker Set HIFI Stereo Sound Box Bluetooth Broadcast Noise Reduction Small And Portable Colorful Lights

Disney K68 Bluetooth HIFI Stereo Speakers

Disney K68 Bluetooth HIFI Stereo Speakers

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Monster XKH01

Monster Original Gaming Wireless Headphones

Fashionable appearance, rich colors, easy to carry ENC noise reduction Bluetooth 5.3 version
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Monster XKH03

Monster Original Gaming Wireless Headphones

Original Monster 5.3 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headphones Stereo Sound Earphones Foldable Sport Headsets With Mic
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New disney with girl makeup mirror bluetooth earphones



Are all your products original and genuine?

Yes, all our products are authorized, and we guarantee that all products are original genuine.


Can I return a product after purchase?

Yes, you can request a return after your purchase for up to 30 days from the date you receive your package.


Are they comfortable while wearing?

Yes,The headphones are sized to fit most people's ear size and provide more convenience while maintaining comfort.


It has buttons to go to the next or previous song?

Yes, all headphones can be adjusted to the previous song, the next song, the specific operation method depending on the specific product, different styles of operation methods are slightly different.


Do they pair automatically with the phone or do I have to connect manually each time?

Yes, of course. It will automatically connect with your device after first-time use.


How long does it take to fully charge?

Generally, 1 hours is enough to get it fully charged for earphones and 1.5 hour for earphones compartment.


Does this have a built-in microphone?

Yes, a built-in microphone is made for clear talks.


It says they're waterproof, can you swim with them?

No. It's just sweatproof. We don't recommend swimming with them.


Is this sound leak serious?

As long as the volume is not the maximum, there will be no leakage of sound. As for the health of the ear, you should also avoid using the maximum volume for a long time.


Can I use IOS or Android to link to it?

Yes, you can link them using an IOS phone or an Android phone.


How do I clean and maintain wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds?

You can gently wipe the surface of the headphones and earbuds with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid directly spraying water onto the headphones or earbuds. Additionally, regularly replacing the ear tips can help maintain hygiene.


Does the Bluetooth connection affect the sound quality of wireless headphones?

Bluetooth connections can provide high-quality audio transmission, but sound quality may be influenced by signal strength and audio codecs used. Using high-quality Bluetooth codecs (e.g., aptX, AAC) and maintaining a stable connection can improve sound quality.


How do I troubleshoot unstable or frequent disconnection issues with wireless headphones?

Try the following steps:
Ensure the headphones and the connected device are within the recommended range.
Move closer to the device to improve signal strength.
Check for any wireless interference from other devices or obstacles.
Restart both the headphones and the connected device.
Reset the headphones to factory settings if needed.


How do I choose wireless Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, or earphones that fit my needs and budget?

Consider factors such as sound quality, comfort, features, battery life, and budget when selecting wireless audio devices. Read product reviews, compare specifications, and consider personal preferences to make an informed decision.


What are the advantages of these headphones and worth buying?

Our headset is latest design bluetooth earphones in 2023.Music/game mode, low latency for gaming, comfortable to wear, HD audio decoding,Active Noise-Cancellation, waterproof and dustproof,no longer need to worry about water and sweat,popular touch control function,support switch songs,telephone and call voice appraisers.